Wounded Warrior

Supporting Alabama Veterans and their Families


Every penny counts, and any purchases over $500 are invoiced and signed by two Wounded Warrior Alabama officers to make sure funds are used for the right reasons.

A True Non-Profit

Some organizations will claim non-profit status but keep the majority of donated funds to pay for advertising, events and executive salaries. Wounded Warrior Alabama puts money where it belongs: with Alabama veterans.

Alabama Local

Donations never leave Alabama and serve soldiers from our towns, cities and neighborhoods. Give back to Alabama's Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force and Coast Guard personnel for their service.

Meet The Staff

Ross Winner, Founder

Bill Williams, CFO

It's impossible to estimate
the true cost of military service.

But veterans and their families continue to pay that price every day. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, past injuries and financial troubles all weigh on soldiers who fought for our freedom. Wounded Warrior Alabama gives back to Alabama’s troops to offset that cost. 

Funds raised by Wounded Warrior Alabama go directly to Alabama veterans to serve their needs, whether it’s buying groceries, paying bills or even keeping their car running so they can get to work. We don’t focus on buying expensive homes for a single soldier when we can do so much for so many more.


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About Us

Wounded Warrior Alabama was established in 2016 by a pair of retired, disabled, married veterans, with a clear goal in mind: to help as many of our state’s military veterans as possible live better lives. We don’t focus on massive purchases like homes or vehicles. Instead, WWA helps families who are trying to pay their rent, buy groceries, keep the lights on and afford life-saving medicines. Because we have a focus on day-to-day living, Wounded Warrior Alabama is able to take funds farther and supply more aid to veterans.
Donations are made through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required. A donation receipt will be provided by PayPal after the transaction is completed.

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